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(I’m a preschool teacher for kids 4-5 years old. I’m coloring with a couple of the students at the end of the day, one of them sitting on my lap.)

Me: Hmm, I need to color the water. [Student #1], can you go get me a blue?

Student #1: *sounding confused* What?

Me: I need a blue. Can you go find one for me?

Student #1: Yeah! *runs over to the craft supplies, then returns a minute later, setting her find on the table* Here you go!

(I look at what she’s brought back – a bottle of glue. I stare at it confused for a moment, then can’t help but start laughing; the student on my lap is giggling, too.)

Student #2: She thought you said glue!!

Me: *laughing* No, blue, BLUE! I need a blue crayon, sweetie!

Student #1: OH!

(She got it right the next time.)

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