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Unfiltered | March 18, 2017

Our teacher was telling us about the differences between the governments of both Canada and the United States. One student asked him if the Canadian Governor-General and the U.S. Vice President (at the time, that would have been Ed Schreyer and George Bush respectively, since it was the early 1980’s) were basically the same job. The teacher, clearly seeing that the student had not been paying attention, since the two posts are NOT equivalent, but not wanting to embarrass him, tried another approach.

Teacher: Is there a comparison between an apple and an orange? Only that they’re both fruits.

The class immediately roared with laughter, and the teacher realized that he’d implied things about the personal lives of two public figures. I remember his face turned red as well. But he also saw the humor of the situation and pretended that he needed to loosen his collar. I met him again several years later and mentioned the incident and he admitted it was probably his only truly embarrassing moment in his teaching career.

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