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*(Every day, either a student or the teacher writes the date on the homeroom board. The day is Tuesday, and the student writing the date does not know how to spell it.)*

Student #2: *jokingly* “It’s spelled C-h-o-u-s-d-a-y.”

Student #1: “Wait, is that right?”

*(Student #2 then proceeds to turn to me and ask how much I had gotten for a test we did a few days before. I ended up with top marks [in our school, instead of an ‘A’ an ‘8’ is the highest mark] and told him so. This conversation follows.)*

Student #2: “So, [My Name], this is how you spell ‘Tuesday’ right?”

Me: *trying not to laugh* “Um. Yeah, totally.”

Student #2: “See, even she said so and she got an eight.”

Student #1: “But my laptop says Tuesday starts with a ‘T’…”

Student #2: “Does your laptop earn eights?”

Student #1: “…”

*(“Chousday” stayed on the board as it was, and I got most of the blame for this incident.)*