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Unfiltered | March 12, 2017

I’m picking up my brother from school. We both ride our bikes home. Near the school but far enough away from it that no staff members can see or hear us we come across a small group of mothers walking their kids home with babies in a pram. As they are walking side by side they’re blocking the entire pathway and yapping away having their own little conversation. My brother and I both ring the bells on our bikes constantly to get their attention, and even one of their children is tugging at their mother’s arm. Now, it’s important to note that I have an astounding loud voice. After they fail to hear me I end up yelling in what I think is a moderate volume.


This is loud enough to get them to be noticeably startled, move aside and let me and my brother continue on our merry way.

Seriously though, don’t block the entire pathway, and if you do please be aware of people who want to get past.