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(We’re doing a code-cracking activity in class. One student accidentally says “hack” instead of “crack.”)

Student 1: So if you do this… and this… these codes are really easy to hack, er, crack.

Student 2: Ha, yeah, I doubt that anyone in this classroom has ever hacked before.

Me: Ooh! I’ve hacked my [handheld gaming system] a few times!

Student 2: (suddenly condescending) You may have seen code and thought you were hacking, but you’ve never actually hacked.

Me: Really? Just because you haven’t accomplished something doesn’t mean nobody else has.

Student 2: You can’t hack!

Me: I know. You cannot. I can. Simple! I could teach you sometime, if you want.

Student 2: Agh! Why are girls suddenly so smart!?

Me: Oh, honey, we’ve always been like this. Maybe you could learn a thing or two.

(It took a couple seconds for this to register. When it did, his eyes bugged out, and he glared at me for the rest of class. Let this be a lesson – don’t mess with people who can mess right back.)

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