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Round Rock TX | Unfiltered | March 10, 2017

(when I was about 10, I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis along with Chiari malformation, while I was at school, most of my teachers are aware of this. once I get into middle school, my gym teachers seem to not believe me)

ME: um, coach, the sit ups are really hurting my neck, can I do something else?

COACH: no, you are able to do this

ME: coach, I have scoliosis, this is really starting to hurt

COACH: I still see no reason you cant do this

Me: But I have proof, I can show you next class

COACH:only if you have a doctors note (The surgery happned years back)

(I decide being as he won’t listen to me, I’ll just suck it up and do them, it goes on like this for weeks until the coach spots my big A** scar all along my neck)

COACH: Woah! what happned there?

ME: uh…I have scoliosis, I got surgery?

COACH: well, is there anything you have trouble doing?

ME: uh..yeah, sit ups, we kinda already had thi-

COACH: okay, just do push ups instead

ME: um.. okay

(he ended up being a bit more understanding after that, but still, he needed to actually see my scar for him to believe me!)

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