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Unfiltered | February 28, 2017

(I have just moved to town from Maine and had already been called “damn Yankee” several times even though I was only 15. These were the gems from my first day at high school.)

Larger boy wearing blue jeans, a white shirt, and confederate flag hat: You’re purdy!

(An announcement during first class goes off saying it’s time to pray. I’m atheist so I don’t.)

Teacher: You damn Yankee! Out of my classroom!

Me to a different teacher later: Why do we have pop off lanyards for our IDs.

Teacher: So you can’t kill each other!

(In the parking lot waiting for my neighbor who I rode with.)

Neighbor yelling at someone: Yeah! Well I have a gun under my bed that will shut your mouth!

(We moved to the Midwest 7 months later. I laugh a little too hard now 15 yrs later when house of cards makes fun of Gaffney.)



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