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ACT, Australia | Unfiltered | February 22, 2017

At the start of year 7 all the science classes had to go through Bunsen burner drills so that we wouldn’t do anything stupid. We were all in groups of two or three with a box matches. In most cases almost the whole box will be used by the end of the lesson, leaving a substantial amount of used matches. My science teacher that year was known for going off into long rants about whatever he could think of. During one of these rants my friends and I got bored of listening and decided to build all of the used matches into a large pile. We made sure the teacher wasn’t looking and we set it on fire. We all thought we were very clever for not getting caught.

Teacher: *he whirls around and points to us while shouting* Put that out right now! I’ll remember you!

Since then we have managed to stay on good terms with that teacher but he has started to use that story as a cautionary tale for each new group of yera sevens he has.

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