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(Classmate #1 is openly gay, and an officer of the school GSA, which is notorious for being disorganized, so he’s often left after school to work. The teacher often repeats similar things; in addition, he is an immigrant and a non-native English teacher, so sometimes he phrases things somewhat strangely and doesn’t understand some slang.)

Classmate #1: Because I end up staying after school all the time, I’m always eating stuff like ramen noodles to be honest.

Teacher: Ah, yes, I see him after school, (Classmate #1), always on his knees…

Classmate #2: *already holding back giggles*

Teacher: I walk out in the hallway, and there’s (Classmate #1), on his knees, working on a poster or something.

Classmate #1: *looking somewhat uncomfortable* Yeah, because no one else ever wants to do the work, so I’m stuck with it.

Teacher: Ah, yes, you’re a very hard worker. I always see you on your knees out there.

Classmate #2: On your knees, huh, (Classmate #1)?

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