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(Im sitting in history class and I’ve brought a box of Oreo cream dip and I’ve given a a one each to friend #1 and friend #2 . People start to beg/ask me for some snacks and i end up giving my last one to Friend #3. to the disappointment of some people. we all start to back to our work)

Me: *to friend #1* “I gave one to (friend #3) cause i like him more than most people in this class.”

Friend #1: “Yo (friend #3)! (My name) says she likes you better than most guys in this class so i keep on her good side!”

(She meant this not romantically, but the class didn’t take it that way)

Classmates: “Oooooooo!”

Me: *Waving my hand* Im gay so y’all can shut your mouths!”

(This causes an eruption of laughter from my classmates and shock. since most people in my school aren’t really that open about being gay unless asked and the fact i loudly announced it sent out a bit of a shockwave. I still laugh about the reaction)

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