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Unfiltered | February 2, 2017

This takes places during my freshman year during school elections. One of the candidates has a sign saying “Vote for Virginia”. Because of the angle and the distance some people see the sign at, it causes some rather funny interpretations from the student body, including myself. I am discussing with my friends during lunch time about the sign.

Me: “Yeah when I saw the sign, I thought it said something else and I had to a double take because I was thinking ‘who in their right mind put up this sign?'”

Friend #1: *explaining his story when he first saw the sign with a friend* “Yeah, I misread it too and my friend was there and she was trying to read it . I asked her what the sign said and she said ‘virgin?'”

*Cue the rest of us laughing*

Friend #1: *continuing the story while trying to keep his laughter in* “And I was like ‘no that’s not what it said’ and then she asked ‘vagina?'”


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