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(I transferred mid-semester and on my second day and my first maths class is a test. This is an International school and IGCSE is a two-year course and this is three months into the first year. The teachers all have personal bios, which I was given when I was accepted a week ago.)

Teacher: Do you just want to try the test? It won’t count for grades.

Me: Sure, and you can count it for grades, it’s not a problem.

Teacher: You got a sense of humour.

Teacher: So how was it?

Me: Easy.

Teacher: Really?

Me: Check it.

(It’s multiple choice so he just compares it.)

Teacher: You got full marks! That’s incredible! How?!

Me: I have been learning the curriculum on my own time with my own teacher. I could actually take the IGCSE exam now.

Teacher: How do you even have time?

Me: In your bio you wrote that you’ve been playing the piano ever since you were a child. You had time even though you had school too. I don’t play piano, I study maths.

Teacher: Didn’t think anyone read those. That’s a very interesting analogy.

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