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Back when I was in kindergarten I had difficulty pronouncing certain sounds and had to see a speech therapist whose office was located inside the same building. I was always lead to the lessons by a teacher or the therapist and once kindergarten finished I (nor my parents) weren’t told if I had to continue going to see one.

When I started 1st grade our class got moved from the school to a room in the same kindergarten we attended before due to space issues. I’ve never went to a speech therapist for that entire year and I assumed that it was the end of it.
Near the end of the school year, after school a woman came to our class with only my teacher and me still in it. I’ve never seen this woman before. She asked my teacher to sit with me alone at the next room and once the teacher left us alone the woman just glared at me before starting to shout.

Woman: Why didn’t you ever go to your speech therapy classes! You haven’t attended them for a whole year!
I just stared in shock and confusion. No one ever told me during the entire year that I had any class I was missing or I was supposed to attend.

The woman basically yelled at me for a few minutes more before leaving in a huff, leaving seven year old me almost crying. That was the first and last time I saw that woman and I never heard from her since.

When I recently told this story to my mother (twelve years after it happened) she asked me why I haven’t told her what happened as she herself never heard from anyone about this, though, to be honest, I was a complete doormat back then.

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