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(I grew up in a military family, we constantly moved around. I grew up with ADD and I was tall, skinny, and a bit of a computer nerd growing up so I was picked on from time to time during the 3 years of middle school in Colorado Springs. In this particular 8th grade math class I sat in roughly the middle of the class room and a Girl, at the front and one row over, keeps looking back at me. Once she has my attention (Not hard with the ADD) she then proceeds to give me a disgusted look, rolls her eyes, and then turns to face forward. This happens all while the teacher has his back to the class to explain problems on the whiteboard. After a few weeks of her doing this, I explain the situation to my Mother and she suggested doing the same thing back to her.)

Front of Class Girl (FoCG): *Turns back to look at me to start the disgusted eye roll again*
Me: *Gives the discussed look right back, rolled my eyes, and then turns the opposite way from her, to grab something from under the desk*
FoCG: *Fumes and turns back and does an exaggerated pissed-off “frump” at her desk*

*Fast forward to the end of the class and Out in the hall*

Random Student #1: “Hey [My Name] we seen what [FoCG] has been doing, what you did was awesome.”
Random Student #2: “Yea, if she gives you a hard time, let us know, we will kick her ass”

Thank you to those students who stood up for me after class. Please stand up to bullying. Bullying is not fun, it’s not a game, and it does hurt people’s feelings. Sometime what the bullied person needs, are kind words of support from peers.

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