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Unfiltered | January 25, 2017

(In 10th grade French class, the 4th year we took the language, we sometimes would have short conversations in pairs at the beginning of class about whatever subject. The topic for this was something about countries we wanted to visit. It is important to note that, while I was in Honors French 4, there was only one French 4 class, so everyone was together, and honors students were just held to higher standards. My partner in this case was not in honors.)

Partner: (In French) I want to go to Africa.

Me: (In French) Oh! Which country?

Partner: (In English) Africa’s not a country?

Me: (Shocked to the point that I can’t go back to French) Well, there’s a country called South Africa.

Partner: Oh, then South Africa.

(Stuff like that had happened in other honors classes, so I don’t know why I was so surprised, but this probably pushed it over the edge. That was my last year in the language because of these types of incidents, and the class wasn’t challenging enough for me.)

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