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Unfiltered | January 23, 2017

(In 7th grade, I was waiting in the school lunch line eating a bag of chips out of my lunch box(I was just getting the main dish since I only had sides) All of a sudden the kid in front of me reaches back and into my lunch box, Trying to take some food.)

Me: The f***?!

Kid: Cant I have some?!

Me: No! Seriously, The f*** is wrong with you?! You cant just take someone’s food!

Kid: Its not taking, I’m asking! *Rips the lunch box out of my hands*

(Then the lunch monitor came over and sent me to the back of the line for cussing at him, Giving me a lunch detention too. He got to keep my food, And lunchbox. They didn’t believe that he had took it.)

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