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(I am in a German class with a male friend and a female friend. Our professor is an older woman who is quite intelligent and encourages everyone to do the best they can in the class, even if the discussions reach beyond our German abilities. Over time, however, we start noticing an unusual trend.)

Professor: “Great, [My Name], I never thought of the topic from that perspective.”

Professor: “[FEMALE FRIEND], could you tell the rest of the class what you just said about the relationship between the two women in the film? That was some wonderful insight!”

Professor: “Whoa, [MALE FRIEND], you look super sexy! Why are you all dressed up in a suit?”

Male Friend: “I have an interview for an internship.”

Professor: “You should dress like that more often! You’re such a handsome man!”

Yes, while my female friend and I were always praised for our minds, our male friend’s thoughtful insights were basically ignored in favor of his good looks and fashion sense. At the end of the year, the male friend and I are graduating from the university. He had considered going to law school, took the LSAT, and even passed, but he changed his mind and decided to enroll in a different graduate program. I decided to go for my PHD in German. We are at a private reception for the German department with our families when the professor is talking to my male friend and me in front of our parents.

Professor: [My name], while I am so happy to know you are continuing in German, I really think you should consider law school. You would make a great lawyer!

Me: Thank you. You know what? [MALE FRIEND] passed the LSATs!

Professor: Seriously, you see situations in-depth and know how to develop arguments. If being a professor does not work out for you, go to law school! You can do that in your thirties, if you like!

The professor gets called away, while I glance over at my friend.

Me: Wow, she completely ignored what I said about you.

Male Friend: I know. I’m just a Hooters waitress to her.