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(I am in tenth grade at this time, this is my second year attending a private school at which I have never felt very welcome because my family wasn’t affluent and one of the “somebodies” of the county. Nobody is outright bullying me, but I’ve endured being deliberately shut out of class events and social circles. This takes place right as I get home from school one day.)

(Phone rings and I answer): “Hello?”

(It’s my headmaster): “I need to speak with Mrs. (Mom’s name), is she there?”

Me: “She is still at work, I’ll take a message for her though.”

Headmaster: “Is this (My Name)?”

Me: “Yes, it is, is there something wrong?”

Headmaster: “Since its you, I have a few questions. Do you not like any of your classmates?”

(I think this is a really odd question to ask, but I answer him): “I’m not exactly best friends with anyone.”

The headmaster keeps questioning me in a very weird runaround manner about how much do I dislike my classmates and at one point even asks me if I’ve ever had thoughts of hurting any of them. At this question, I start to catch on and become extremely alarmed. He finally comes straight out with it:

Headmaster: “I’ve heard that you have a hit list and plan to shoot everyone on it. Is this true?”

At this, my heart hits the floor and I panic, hanging up on him. I call my mother at work sobbing and freaking out, expecting police to show up at the house any second.


Mom: “WHAT!!!!!!” -click-

Less than ten minutes later, she comes screeching through the driveway, only stopping just long enough for me to get in, and she hauls ass to the school where fortunately, the headmaster is still there. She marches straight into his office and slams the door.

Mom: “What in the HELL is this about my daughter planning to shoot up the school?!”

The headmaster finally gives us the full story, that he had heard rumors that I was keeping a hit list and had shown it to one of my classmates saying that I was planning to kill everybody on it. I am sitting in the corner on the verge of hysterics at hearing this and when the headmaster starts chiding me that violence isn’t acceptable and that he should have called the cops on me, Mom goes off on him.

Mom: “Now you listen! I know my child better than you do, she can’t even bring herself to squash a cricket and you expect me to believe she’s planning to SHOOT UP A SCHOOL?! And even if she did have some hit list, she has ZERO access to weapons of any kind! (My Name) is not a liar and she has told me that none of what you’re saying is true. Now what I expect to see happen is you looking into where these rumors are coming from or I will have your ass! Is that understood?”

He sulkily agrees and leaves me alone for the next few days. A week after this incident, he calls Mom and I to his office and profusely apologized. He had pulled several of my classmates and questioned them, ultimately finding out that five of the boys (who were also star football players on the school’s varsity team) had deliberately made up the rumors and spread them, evidently thinking that watching me get arrested for a fake shooting plot would make a GREAT prank. Even so, nothing much ever happened to them, they only got suspended for three games which eventually got reduced to one after their parents threw a series of fits. Goes to show, you can get away with anything in a southern school if you play football!

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