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Ontario, Canada | Unfiltered | December 29, 2016

(I’m in art class. Our project is to make plastic keychains, which we have done before. There are no power tools involved, just manual ones. Note that I am a notoriously quiet student who never interacts with our art teacher.)

(The art teacher circulates to my table to check on us when another student walks over.)

Student: Hey, [Teacher], I’m done cutting! What do I do now?

Teacher: The next thing is to use the hand drill and make a hole for the keyring.

Student: Ugh, can you just do it FOR me?

Me: *involuntarily does biggest eyeroll ever*

Teacher: *points at me* Ha! That was the best expression!

(Student turns around.)

Me: *poker face*

(Student walks away with a sniff.)

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