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{So there is the winter assemblies one day, you know, band, orchestra, chorus with music that’s Christmas themed. So the combined band is second to last, right before everyone gets together for one piece. It was the band’s song (oh yes, we played sleigh ride) and its start normally, cut time, allegro con ritmo.}

*Band gets to about measure 100 before all of the tuba section (plus baritones, euphoniums for those who get a bit sensitive over their instrument names) pull up their stands. Director is like, what’s going on. So then they stand up at measure 103 and begin their insane part of going up to high G/A, Bass/Treble clef. And the horns are in perfect sync with the swing. At measure 107 they swap instruments and begin with the tubas playing baritones, and baritones playing tubas.*

*Triple octave Gs on tubas, and contra Bb’s on baritones. Director throws up hands after handing the “wand” to Santa. (Not the end)*

Band director: *mouthing at tubas* “What the f*** are you doing?”

Tuba section’s all giggly.

And then we come to the final 5 measures. It’s just supposed to be *neighing trumpet* *crack* Bom bom.

We have a very large trombone section, with the SL and DM both being best friends, they, of all things, velociraptor screech on the neighing trumpet. The BD is dying up in the box where she retreated after Santa took over (the box is the control room for all the lights) nod the band is on the floor.

Senior conspiracy to establish communism in the band attempt number fourty five: Winter assembly coup d’état.

The seniors are on plot 47 currently. The juniors pick the name of all the stupid attempts in the band, seniors execute, and steal freshmen to do it.

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