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Unfiltered | December 13, 2016

(So this was during the end of my freshman year in highschool, towards the end of the year. We were doing the introduction to Romeo and Juliet with a substitute whom many people liked because he allowed people to eat and goof off instead of work. We were supposed to do a worksheet but the only one who has done it was me. Now I know a bit of old english, as my mother has acted as Juliet before and has studied the language along side with latin and has been teaching me a bit to help with my unit in Romeo and Juliet.)

Sub: *walks to my desk* are you finished with your work?

Me: *shows him my finished work* yup!

Sub: *is quiet for a moment, reaches into his front pocket, pulls out a dollar bill and hands it to me* keep it.

(At this point I burst outlaughing at how bizarre the situation b is as everyone is staring, probably jealous I got money.)