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Unfiltered | December 11, 2016

[I am a senior, getting ready to graduate at the end of the semester with two degrees. At my university, you have to apply for graduation for each degree separately. This exchange occurs a week before graduation.]

Advising counselor: Hi! I’m an advising counselor with the [Humanities College], I see you’ve applied for graduation for your first degree, but you haven’t applied for your second. I told you this when I sent the initial e-mail back in June.

Me: Really? I thought I had! [I am in a panic now as I am in the middle of working on finishing papers and studying for finals]

Advising counselor: Well, you didn’t, so now you need to go to the advising office and fill out the paper request for graduation and then go to the registrar to fill out the paperwork for readmission so you can graduate in May.

Me: Wait, what? I have to come back next semester? But I’ve sublet my apartment! The new tenant’s moving in in a month!

Advising counselor: Sorry for the inconvenience.

[I then e-mail my mother about what’s going on and we find the original e-mail from back in June. Turns out she did mention applying for the second degree seperately, but it
was so poorly worded the meaning was ambiguous]

Me: Alright, so it’s a communication error on my part, but why didn’t anyone bother to let me know before the application deadline? And what does readmission mean anyway?

Advising counselor: Also your Graduation Writing Requirement isn’t showing up.

Me: Because I handed the paper in twenty minutes before you e-mailed me! You didn’t answer my question about readmission anyway.

[I still haven’t heard back from her about readmission. I understand the confusion was partially my fault, but someone couldn’t have been bothered to check before the graduation deadline? Suffice to say, this is not the kind of thing someone wants to hear the week before graduation!]