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Unfiltered | December 9, 2016

(In my sophomore biology class, the teacher is notorious for being unfair and disliked by students. After reviewing one of our last tests of the year, the class has picked out enough mistakes to earn everyone bonus points. I sit in the last row of desks, the farthest from the teacher’s desk.)

Teacher: *exasperated, dripping with sarcasm* “Are there any other fatal flaws?”

Me: *believing I’m only loud enough for the guy next to me to hear* “This entire test, for a start.”

(The teacher, having heard me, stares at me with a dead expression while the people around me burst into laughter. I’m usually known for being the quiet, teacher’s pet type.)

Teacher: “This entire year I don’t hear a word from you, and you come to me with that?”

Me: “Can you really blame me? I didn’t even plan on you listening.”

(Luckily, we had a good laugh about the whole ordeal afterwards. The teacher wasn’t one of the worst after all!)