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Unfiltered | December 7, 2016

(I’ve just started going to school at this particular university and notice a club very relevant to my discipline. After finding out when meeting times are, I attend their first meeting. There, I learn that there are some vacant positions on the Executive Board. Though the club never explicitly refers to it as an “Executive Board,” the positions are what you’d normally think of when someone says Executive Board. After the meeting, I approach the President:)

Me: Hi, [President], my name is [my name]. I noticed earlier that there were some vacant positions on the Exec Board. If you’re still looking for people who are interested, I’d like to run for [position].

President: . . . What’s an Exec Board?

Me . . . ?!

(How do you manage to become the president of a student organization IN COLLEGE and not know what an Executive Board is?!)