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Unfiltered | December 2, 2016

(I am male. There is a girl in my Spanish class who I sit with in the back of the room. My teacher doesn’t mind noise, so we can talk quietly. Eventually our conversation turns into a discussion about how the girl I sit next to has bad taste.)

Friend #1: “You listen to [Band #1], and their music is the same background with different words!”

Girl: “That isn’t bad.”

Friend #2: “You dated both [Student #1] and [Student #2]!”

Girl: “Well…”

Me: “Okay, let me take this next one. This is the ultimate test if she has good taste.” *looks directly at [Girl]* “Did you ever consider dating me?”

Girl: “Well… at one point, after my relationship with [Student #1].”

Me: “You did?”

Girl: “Well… I thought about it… and then I didn’t.”

Me: *mournfully* “Oh.”

(Cue the laughter of [Friend #1] and [Friend #2]. [Girl] did elaborate and give a reason, but I’m fairly certain that was for my benefit.)