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Unfiltered | November 25, 2016

(I am a substitute at a decently sized school. As a result I tend to rotate through various classes and will have students from other classes. This particular assignment is day two of a three day assignment for the same teacher. As I start to take roll call.)

Me: “Alright guys, like I said yesterday, I apologize if I forget your name. Typically I only remember names for one of three reasons. You’re either that good and well behaved, you’re that bad, or I’ve had you too many times.” *As I start through the roll call…* “…[Student], you’re here.”

Student: *Looking at me flabbergasted that I would remember her name* “So how come you remember me immediately?”

Me: “A) I’ve had you before, B) You have the same first name as my son…makes it a lot harder to forget.”

Student: “Oh…”