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(We are in a biology class with a professor. We are talking about sex and reproductive systems; it is after most of the class has left and the professor is going off on another tangent. It is probably important to note that everyone is over eighteen except for student #1, who is a minor.)

Student #1: “I don’t know what 2 girls, 1 Cup is.”

Student #2: “Good.”

Student #3: “Yeah, keep it that way-”

Student #1: “Yeah, I just know I’m not supposed to watch it. I’m not going to watch it.”

Student #2: “Good.”

Me: “Yeah… don’t watch it.”

Student #1: “Yeah, my friend told me not to watch it and after this I think I’m going to take his advice.”

Student #5, who had been listening up until this point: “Yeah, the other day someone told my [young pre-teen] about p*rn. I was horrified to realize she already knew about p*rn and I’d been too late [explaining about sex.]”

Rest of class: “….”

(I’ll spare you the rest.)

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