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Unfiltered | November 8, 2016

(I am 12 and in seventh grade. At the third class of the day, right before lunch, I hear this gem.)

Classmate 1: Hey, did you hear [rumor]?

Classmate 2: Oh, yeah! Do you think [rumor] is true?

Classmate 1: Definitely. Where did you hear it?

Classmate 2: In [class] on [day.]

Classmate 3: Wait, did you just say [ not rumor]?

Classmates 1 and 2: *Stare dumbfoundedly*

Classmate 3: What?

Classmate 1: No . . .

Classmate 2: We said [rumor].

Classmate 3: Oh, really? Well, I think you said [not rumor] but you just don’t want me to know.

Classmate 2: *Turns back to [classmate 1] ignoring [classmate 3]

(The kicker? Someone overheard [not rumor] and spread it all over the school, but both of them turned out to be wrong!)

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