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Ny | Unfiltered | October 31, 2016

This happened at my middle school in the third week of school

(My school has 4 core classes, and 4 oncore classes. All of my teachers are nice and very good and understanding, since this is all of my classmates first experience in a school like this. Only my social studies teacher was a b*tch)

SS Teacher: Using your notes, answer this worksheet.

*Proceeds to hand out the easiest worksheet in the world, oblivious to the fact that most of the questions had not been covered in the short amount of time, and most of those questions had been taught in first grade*

Me: Can I write common sense for number 1? *to my best friend*
Friend: Sure

( I proceed to write common sense next to all questions that common sense could have answered, and wrote page numbers next to ones that we had in our notes. For all questions that both of those didn’t apply to. I know, I was being a sarcastic ass, but I had just found out that my aunt had to abort her baby that morning and was in no mood to be nice to anyone. Teacher decides to call on me, when I’m not raising my hand, obviously in a bad mood, and there was tons of other people raising their hands to put the icing on the cake)

SS Teacher: What was your answer?
Me: C
SS teacher: but where did you get that answer?
Me: common sense…
*everybody in the class cracks up, but my teacher was fuming*
SS Teacher: That is not an expectable answer! Where in your notes does it say the earth is spherical!
Me: I have it at home in my kindergarten binder if you want proof…
SS Teacher: I will not be talked to like that! Go outside!

(I haven’t gotten back at her yet, but that response was sooo worth it. Can’t wait to craft my response for tomorrow, Teach, you have no idea what your in for!)

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