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UK | Unfiltered | October 29, 2016

One of our class’ under-performers is being a bit loud and random; not really paying attention to what he should be doing. He puts his hand up.

Student: *serious tone* Miss, how much would you pay to suck a guy off?

The teacher’s expression is a perfect hybrid of disgust and “why me?”

Before she can even respond, the guy leans his chair back, props his legs up on the table, and says with a smugface that could shatter a mirror, “I’d suck a guy off for free!”

We were all staring expecting him to say something else, but he just continued to sit, smiling.

Oh all the ways you could, this is how he came out at gay! We couldn’t believe it. The teacher didn’t have the heart to punish him for being inappropriate.

After that his performance improved to become the highest in the class, and he passed with an A*. All that stress and worry must have been awful for him. We were so happy after he passed.

Since leaving there’s a tradition for people coming out in that classroom.

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