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Kirkland Wa USA | Unfiltered | October 20, 2016

My boyfriend told me this story about a teacher he had when he was younger his sister also had this teacher when his sister was in her class they took a test my boyfriends sister got 100% of the questions right except one of the extra credit questions the teacher marked her grade down even though it was a extra credit question.

Years later my boyfriend was in her class one day he was in music class and got kicked out for not doing what he was told (he was but thats a different story) so he was standing out in the hall and another kid from a different class walked up to ask what he was doing he said two words before he suddenly was pulled to ground by his sweatshirt hood cutting of his air intake he looked up to see his teacher yelling at him for talking to someone while in trouble

the last he heard the teacher was forced to retire when she didnt allow a girl to go to the nurses office when she had a fever of 104 shes lucky the family didnt have to money to sue if i had been the mother in any other these situations i would have made sure she was not only fired but in jail for assault

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