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Unfiltered | October 15, 2016


(I went with my mom to a parent-teacher conference at my sister’s school. Her French teacher told her how unsurprisingly smart my sister is and that if anything she could be trilingual.)

Mom: She’s only fluent in English and French.

French Teacher: Not Spanish? Why?

Mom: I don’t know. I taught her and her sister Spanish right when they started speaking. But for some reason their heart is not into our culture.

French Teacher: Well, she just needs to be more motivated to speak Spanish. You know like show her exotic latin culture or making sure that she speaks Spanish only for the means of survival. That’s how I got most of the students here to speak fluent French just to ask to use the restroom.

Mom: I see what you mean. Well, in my house we are open to any new languages. The more, the merrier.

(She gets up to leave. French Teacher follows her out the classroom.)

French Teacher: I like what you’re thinking, Mrs. (Last name). *speaking in French all of a sudden*

Mom: *holding car keys tightly, getting ready to swing at him*

French Teacher: *finally realizing* Oh, I said have a nice evening in French.

Mom: *smiling* Oh! You too!

(She leaves the classroom. I made sure she leaves before she has any second thoughts about attacking him. The misunderstanding didn’t stop there. My sister’s best friend told us that her dad almost cussed the poor man out.)