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(My school has a TV Production class that is known as the Defense Against the Dark Arts because we do not keep the same teacher every year. TV Production is in charge of broadcasting “Morning Announcements”. It is my senior year and we have a new teacher in TV Production who can only be described as terrible. He kept changing his mind about what videos would be played on our Morning Announcements at the last minute, wouldn’t give positive feedback about our videos, kept using the same people to do the same jobs despite being told not to, etc. He seemed to have it out for me from day one for reasons unknown at the time by making fun of my videos to others and grading me harsher. One day he was at a meeting, so we got a substitute on the day we do Morning Announcements.)

Substitute: “Okay, it looks like [Usual Anchor Student #1] and [Usual Anchor Student #2] are anchoring today.”

Usual Anchor Student #1: “Actually, Ms. [Substitute], can someone else do it? I’m too tired.”

Usual Anchor Student #2: “Yeah, me too.”

Substitute: “I don’t see why not. Any volunteers?”

(Another student and I quickly raise our hands.)

Substitute: “Perfect! I’m glad to see students eager to help out. Anyone else want to switch?”

(Everyone requests different jobs and we get it settled in five minutes. The announcements went perfectly with everyone doing the job they wanted, not assigned. The change was so noticeable that the principal called after the broadcast to tell us that it was the best announcement she’s seen all year. The next day, our usual teacher returned and did not look pleased. He sent us to a different room with a recording of our broadcast and a list of our class with the jobs we did. Once the recording stopped, he spoke.)

Teacher: “Anyone want to tell me what the h*** that was?”

Me: “Um, our announcements?”


(He then kept pointing out made-up mistakes until we missed our opportunity to broadcast.)

Teacher: “Now, because of [My Name], we will no longer be doing the announcements for the rest of the year, so blame her if you’re mad. I knew I shouldn’t have let a no good [Disabled Slur] into my class.”

Vice Principal: “Mr. [Teacher]!”

(Our teacher’s face paled as he saw our Vice Principal in the doorway. She was sent to see why there were no announcements, which worried our principal.)

Vice Principal: “My office. Now.”

(He tried to explain himself, but she wouldn’t allow him. Our teacher gave us a death glare before leaving. She didn’t hear all of Mr. [Teacher]’s ranting, but after talking to us, he was fired that day for his rude comments, not doing his job properly, and making fun of me. It turns out he had an extreme prejudice against disabled people and didn’t want me in his class, so he tried to fail me. The substitute returned to teach us for the rest of the year, much to our pleasure. I’ve since graduated, but I’m glad that no one else at my high school will have to deal with him anymore.)