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Unfiltered | October 9, 2016

(I recently was diagnosed with diabetes, and when I got back to school after having a few weeks off I returned to school. It’s Important to realize that I spend most of my time in the school library because my friends are there. Anyway, I walk into the library that requires me to leave my bags on the shelf area just outside the library. I leave my normal bag there but I take my Diabetes bag with me into the library as I required to have it with me at all times.)

Librarian: Excuse me, You can’t have your bag in here.

Me: Oh, I need to have this with me because of my medical requirements.

Librarian: Well, No. You need to leave because you can’t have your bag in here!

Me: It’s a medical requirement, I have Diabetes and I need to have this bag with me at all times.

Librarian: Well You need to Leave. *points to the door*

Me: *leaves because I am shy and I was intimidated by the male librarian*

(This happened for a few days and It upset me because I had nothing to do because I had no friends outside of the library, then on this particular day this happened: )

Me: *tries to walk into the library without the librarian seeing my bag*

Librarian: I’ve told you, you can’t have your bag in here! Give it here!

Me: No! I need my bag and It’s a medical requirement!

Librarian: *takes my bag*

Me: *already feeling scared because I am intimidated* No I need my bag!

Librarian: I’m going to keep it here, and you can get it back at the end of breaktime!

Me: *Too intimidated to argue, I walk off*

(This was irresponsible for the librarian to do this, so later I told my mum, and she rang the school)

The next day:

Me: *walks in and briskly walks past with my bag, trying to be confident that I will not stop if he tries to speak to me*

Librarian: *sees bag, but does nothing*

(A few days later, he was replaced by a new librarian, and she was understanding of my need to have my bag with me.)