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Unfiltered | October 7, 2016

(This took place when I was in the first week of high school, and no one really new each other. I am a huge tomboy, and I have short-ish hair, so I am often mistaken for a boy.)

Teacher: *In Japanese* “Boys stand on the left side of the room and girls stand on the right”

*I walk over to the right side of the room*

Girl #1: Um…I think you’re on the wrong side

Me: What do you mean?

Girl #2: He said GIRLS on this side, boys on that side

(By now the whole class is listening and I’m starting to get embarrassed)

Me: Uh, yeah I know. I’m a girl

Girl #1 and #2: WHAT?

(My friends are laughing hysterically on the other side of the room, and The Teacher is trying not to laugh. A few people look shocked, but most are just laughing)

Girl #1: Well….I feel stupid. I am so sorry!

Me: Nah, it’s fine. *laughing*

(Girl #1 and I actually became close friends after that, and we still laugh at it!)