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Unfiltered | October 6, 2016

The first week of the semester always has bad parking. I mean full to the brim with cars and circling cars looking for parking. I find a pair of ladies and bartered a ride over to their car in the hot weather for their parking spot. Just as they’re leaving, another car pulls in. I wait until the driver and passenger get out.

Me: Hey! That was my spot! I drove those ladies over here in return for it!

Driver: Oh well college. We have class to get to.

You have no idea how badly I wanted to curse her out or anything else. We’re at college. EVERYONE is there to go to class, not just you. I have classes too. Plus, I had my indicator on. Don’t you have manners or common courtesy? I got a better, closer parking spot just in time for class. I still hold a grudge.

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