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Unfiltered | October 5, 2016

(In sociology class, we’re talking about social interaction and certain things that affect it.)

Professor: so we have these places I call “happy places”, which is a place where it’s easiest for us to interact with others for whatever reason. Does anyone care to give me an example?

Male Student: my shower!

Class: laughs

Professor: so do you care to explain how when you’re in your shower-presumably butt naked and without any forms of electronic communication-you could possibly have social interaction?

Male Student: well I’m almost always in there with a girl or two-also butt naked.

Class: laughs

Professor: ok we’re moving on

(A couple of classes later were discussing dating practices)

Professor: so dating is when two people are in a romantic relationship. They hang out and on occasion do more private stuff. (Turns to the same male student as before) You my friend have what we call a hookup. This is when two people skip right to the private stuff and it generally never lasts more than a night or two.

Class: laughs

Male student: stocker