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Unfiltered | September 19, 2016

(This takes place on the first day of school. Our school is fairly big, having multiple different buildings which can be confusing for freshmen. I am heading towards the C hall (mainly for juniors and seniors only given the courses there) when I spot a freshman standing in the middle of the hallway and holding a map up, obviously confused and lost.)

Me: Hey, where are you trying to go?

Freshman: The C hall.

Me: *obviously confused* I don’t think that’s right..that’s junior and senior classes, can I see your schedule?

(He hands over the schedule and I look at it, seeing it says A-C2 and not C2, meaning it’s in the annex and not the main building.)

Me: You need to be in the annex, that’s the building out those doors right there and all the way back. *I point* If you walk all the way out there and to that building, when you enter it the C hall will be to the left. *I smile*

Freshman: *Obviously confused and stressed out* Uh..what?

Me: *Repeate what I said before* It’s not that hard really, and I’m sure someone out there can help you if you get lost, I have to hear to class though!

Freshman: Well, thanks for nothing! *walks off*

Me: …I’m sorry?

(I don’t know if he ever found it or not, but I wonder if my directions were still too complex?)

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