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Unfiltered | September 17, 2016

(At the time of the story, I was a high school junior. I was the captain of the wrestling team in my sophomore year, played football in freshman year, and I now play the trombone in marching band. My crush is a quiet Asian girl that I never really talked to all that much due to our obvious differences and interests, though I sometimes see her sneaking a look at me in our classes together. Or school has a group of people that are often known as troublemakers in class. The boy in charge of the group was suspended from school for 3 weeks due to misbehaving and was expelled from another school for sexual harassment. He’s also a freshman. Today at lunch, he decided to bug my crush into giving him her number. This is the following events.)

Gang Leader: Hey b****! Gimme yo number!

Crush: *timidly* No, thank you. I would prefer not to. My parents are kinda strict ab—

Gang Leader: F*** yo parents. I dicthed my parents before at the train station. Why should you care about your parents? Gimme your number!

Crush: No please, I can’t! Please, just leave me alone!

Gang Leader: F*** YOU! If I can’t convince ya, then being THIS would!

(At this point, the boy pulls out a 4 inch KNIFE from his pocket, and proceeds the pick up my crush by the shirt, and waves the knife around.)


Crush: *starts crying and calling for help*

Gang Leader: THAT’S RIGHT B****! CRY YOUR F****** P**** OUT.

(At this point, I’ve had enough. Not only was he threatening my crush, but he was being super loud. I walk over, him being completely oblivious, and I proceed to pick him up by the sides, flip him over, and slam him into the ground.)

Gang Leader: Hey, you F******* B****! DON’T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I’M —*sees me and my 250 pounds of muscle* a freshman.

Me: Yeah, that’s right buddy, you better stammer off, or else you’re going to be dealing with me, AND her tae kwon do. I don’t know WHY she allowed you to abuse in that way, considering the fact that she once almost decked me.

Gang Leader: HA! Her? She probably just throws a book. I take karate, lemme show you! *Tries to roundhouse kick me in the chest.*

Me: *grabs his leg, lift him up, and slam him into the ground, again.*

Me: P*** off. You better run like the g****** roadrunner, cause I’m the f****** coyote.

Gang Leader: *runs off*

(In the end, the boy was expelled again and arrested for attempted robbery in front of a police officer. It turns out his father was in life time jail, and his mother was a heavy alcoholist. My crush however, was fine, and we started dating the next week. We’re getting married in August)