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Unfiltered | September 15, 2016

(There’s one mother at our school who is absolutely unbearable. She levels unfounded accusations at staff, insists that any consequences her child gets are unnecessary, and bad-mouths the teachers. The family has only been with us for a few months, but we are already “done” with her. The school directors are actually discussing between themselves the possibility of asking them to leave our care, when the phone rings. My boss answers.)

Boss: “Hello?… yes…okay… we will…alright, goodbye.”

(She hangs up the phone.)

Boss: “Guess who that was.”

Other boss: “(Unbearable mother)?”

Boss: “Yep. And this time, she wants to make sure that her kid’s naptime stuff is folded nicely and put away in her cubby, so that none of the other kids ruin it.”

(I’m annoyed. All of the kids in that class fold their own things and put them away after nap, but this family has never put her stuff away before departing in the middle of nap, leaving the afternoon teacher to fold those things and put them away. I am frequently that teacher, and I have always folded (child)’s naptime things nicely and put them neatly in her cubby.)

(I lean into the office.)

Me: “Tell (unbearable mother) that I’m going to feed her kid’s stuff directly to wolves.”

( I am so over this woman.)