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Unfiltered | September 11, 2016

(This story takes place at a summer camp thwart I went to with my church. Earlier that morning at chapel, the camp director had told us a story about his most embarrassing moment; a time when he worked as a waiter at a restaurant and dumped an entire ready of water into a customer’s lap and then just stood there with his hands on his knees breathing deeply. Later on that day, all of the camp’s seven teams are tasked to create a skit advertising a product that was never made. There is a very infamously obnoxious team known for yelling “You suck!” at the other teams. This team is going first. This is what happens.)

Obnoxious Team Member #1: *acting out the camp director’s most embarrassing moment in a very obnoxious way.*

Obnoxious Team Member #2: Never ever look like this bumbling idiot again! It’s STICKY FINGERS!

Obnoxious Team Member #3: No one has to look like this idiot! Get STICKY FINGERS now!

Obnoxious Team Member #4: *runs through all of the other teams, screaming bloody murder*

All Obnoxious Team Members Together: You’re not this idiot! Get STICKY FINGERS now!
(They all then pile off the stage, laughing and taking loudly about how they were going to win. The camp director walks back up into the stage.)
Director: Wow guys. Thanks for making me feel stupid. That just feels great.
(Later, the results come in. The obnoxious team was not one of the the winning teams, in fact, they had points deducted from their overall score for insulting the director. My team won. Oh, sweet justice.)