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Unfiltered | September 8, 2016

(I never often talked to my brother, as he was one of those siblings that wouldn’t leave you alone. One day, I invite him to sit with me and my friend during lunchtime. Be warned: my brother chews his food until it’s liquid, and I will use adjectives that make people want to be ill.)

Friend: *Chatting Animatedly* “So, yeah, it’s like all good with my mum to come over to my place–”

Brother: *Eating Pancake, suddenly sneezes half pancake half mucus onto my friends hand. It drips everywhere and chunky bits start sliding off.*

Me and Friend: Ewww! Oh my god [Brother]!

Friend: “I’m gonna throw up..” *retches*

(It took a whole seventeen minutes for the pancake to wash off and even then the smell remained. To this day, my friend and I try to make each other throw up by talking about the ‘Pancake Incident’, and imagine what it would be like if you had to eat it off your hand, if he spat it into your mouth, etc., using plenty of adjectives, to make each other throw up.)

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