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Unfiltered | September 7, 2016

I’ve been stuck with a work-experience student for a week, what was supposed to be his opportunity to see the work place for the first time and get a taste for what it would be like to work in his chosen field. he spent to week barely listening , playing on his phone or taking long breaks.
Despite taking the time out to be with him (and the days i spent planing out a weeks worth of interesting activities for him) he leaves without so much as a thank you.

Thankful it’s over, I get back to work.

Boss: Oh (school) rang me.

Me: Okay.

Boss: Apparently (student) left a report on your desk.

Me: (I gesture to my tidy desk) No nothing. I did ask him if there was anything he needed to do, he told me no.

Boss: well i was speaking with (students) parents, and it is really important to him. He wants to work in engineering one day.

(I immediately don’ like where this is going.)

Boss: So you’ll do that for me right?! Great! i’m meeting them again tonight, we are going out for dinner. I’ve known them for years.

(I begrudgingly do the report with what little time i have. I send it to my boss.)

Boss: No, no no. It needs to be better. With pictures and graph about the company. Where are the group photos?

Me: I did it so it would be believable, and what photos?

Boss: I’ll send them over, get (coworker) to do your work if you don’t have time.

(Over the next couple of day, instead of working, i compile a multi page report with slideshows, company performance, an (imaginary) week of work, achievements.. the works. It looks ridiculous, i have seen worse work made my coworkers and nothing like a teenagers work. I send it to my boss expecting criticism. None came he was over the moon with it and sent it to the school..

I did eventually get my thank you, from the school for making such a nice report, that was clearly wasn’t (students) as it was spelt right.