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One day during PE at school we are playing field hockey on a cold winter morning. To score a goal you must be inside what called the striking circle, during play I score a goal from inside this- while I’m walking away feeling please one of other players on my team (whom I’ve never really got along with) comes up to me looking annoyed.

Teammate (Hotly whispering) You were outside the area!

Me: Err… no I wasn’t, Mrs (Teacher Name) was right there, she would have called it if I wasn’t.

Teammate: You were still outside the area, that could have cost us!

Me: Yeah, whatever let’s just play the game

Our teacher is known to be very strict and firmly believes in the rules of play. My teammate continues to whine at me get progressively more animated- finally my teacher wanders over.

Teacher: What’s going on?

Teammate: Miss, he scored from outside the area it shouldn’t have counted

A few guys either side of my roll their eyes at this- the guy has been whining all game.

Teammate 2: Oh shut up!

Teammate: But it’s true! That shouldn’t count

Me: Why are protesting this, we’re on the same team!

Teammate: Miss, that goal should be disallowed

Teammate 3: For God sake- just leave it!

Teammate: NO!!

Suddenly my teacher starts laughing- all of us are a little shocked because she’s normally so joyless.

Teacher: Oh dear, I’ve been teaching 40 years and never ONCE I have heard a player want to disallow a goal from his own team! The goal still stands because it was in fact well inside the area, so let’s get on with the game, shall we!

That comment seemed to put him in a really bad mood as after that he started playing far too aggressively to the point where he hurt another student. Tired of his antic, the teacher made him sit out the rest of the game and gave him a detention. For the rest of the day he was moaning how unfair this all was, but no-one cared at this point.

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