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Oklahoma | Unfiltered | August 15, 2016

(This happened a few days before the last day of school when there were only three or four of us in class and I was typing up an essay due two hours prior but I had the same teacher after lunch so I could turn it in 5th hour)

Classmate: Can you please stop typing? I’m trying to call my cheer coach.

(The cheer coach she’s calling is my aunt)

Me: No, I have to get this done before Mr. [Speech/English Teacher]’s class.

Classmate: Well can’t it wait? I have to talk to [My aunt’s name] before 6th hour!

Me: No, I have to print it out and I have a test after lunch, I have to print it out before class ends.

Classmate: You know what, get the f*** out of my way. (She then shoves me and my chair away from my personal laptop and deletes the almost 3,000 word essay I had written for speech and drama class) There, now you’re done.

Me: You stupid f***ing b*****, I’ve helped you with how many essays, worksheets, and presentations? And you delete my essay I need for speech, because you want to make a phone call. I’m kind of glad that [Classmate’s boyfriend] has been cheating on you with [My friend]

(She never did get in trouble for it, although I had to entirely re-type my essay, and she’s still with the cheater)

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