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New Zealand | Unfiltered | August 14, 2016

(Today we are supposed to be writing a ‘weekly report’ to see how much our group has completed for a documentary task. My two classmates are currently sat over one computer looking at Memes.)

Me: *typing* “What are you doing?”

Student #1: “Shut up and do your work.”

Me: “What? I am–!”

Student #2: *interrupting* “No, you’re not doing anything at the moment.”

Me: “Seriously.”

Student #1: “Look, I did nothing and [Student #2] did everything, so you need to do something important.”

Me: *reflecting on what I did* “I am..”

(I had set up the planner page, ensured people tried to do tasks, and I am typing the weekly report.)

Me: *typing* “Okay.. ‘What problems are occuring within the group?’ ..Memes.. Literally.. Everywhere.”

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