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We are at a taster session for children to see the school before they start. A lot of other parents are there most of them are very friendly, one sticks out as unusual, fake blond hair very short skirt and very loud.
They are at a drawing table and she pipes up.

Parent: Oh (her daughter) is very clever she can write her own name and always puts a 4 next to it because she knows it’s her age.

Wife: Ok.

Parent: Oh that is a beautiful drawing darling, (loudly) look the BROWN is the dirt. She does that because she knows grass grows in the soil.

Wife: Uh huh

Parent: You know (her daughter) is very clever, I hope she doesn’t get held back when all the other children are learning the things she already knows.

Wife: I’m sure it will be fine.

(I wonder over)

Wife: This little girl can write her own, name and knows what age she is.

Parent: She is just so clever, I hope she doesn’t make the (looking at my daughter) …other children feel bad.

Me: (I look at my wife, i can tell she has had enough) Wow! that’s great, hey (my daughter) what’s 2 + 2?

My daughter: (without looking up) 4 daddy.

Me: How do you spell.. dog?

My daughter: D.O.G

Me: What about cow?

My daughter: C.O.W and they say moo, that’s M.O.O. because an OO is and ooh sound.

Me: Very good! (to the parent) Looks like they are both ahead of their class.

(thank fully we had a much better time with the other parents.)

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