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Unfiltered | August 4, 2016

It’s valentines day, unfortunately on Thursdays we have to finish at 8pm. No-one is happy about it, but we are being paid to be here by our companies to cannot book time off.

Female classmate: I have to leave early tonight.

Lecturer: What is it this time?

Female classmate: I have a dentist appointment.

Lecturer: OK what time are you leaving.

Female classmate: err 6(pm)

Lecturer: … you have a dentist appointment after 6pm?

Female classmate: (Indignantly) yeah.

Lecturer: (sighs) fine, make sure you catch up on any work you missed.

(No-one believes her partly as she pulls this all the time. the day carries on we get into our last lesson at 7pm)

Lecturer: Where’s (Female classmate).

Me: Dentist .

Lecturer: Well that’s a load of sh’t. Isn’t it?! I mean you are all paid to be here, your company trusts you to come to college for your own good and to make up something like that!

Me: I can’t comment.

Lecturer: I appreciate your loyalty but this isn’t on, I’m going to have a work with (manager) tomorrow.

(He did and she got brought into the office for a disciplinary meeting, it turns out that she disappeared to see her boyfriend (of course) she was made to apologise to the lecturer and the whole class the next week.)

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