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Unfiltered | July 23, 2016

(My dad is an avid spoon collector. Weird, I know, but this happened several years ago when I was still a kid. He had come to school and wanted to check out some of the different types of spoons. My much older brother and his classmates were having a test and my dad was looking in through the window. This was as my brother was handing the test in to the teacher, who was stirring coffee.)

Dad: She’s using a spoon of a type I haven’t previously recorded. I need to take a closer look.

(He goes up to her, wearing his spoon-collector’s anorak and huge examination glasses.)

Teacher: Can I help you?

Dad: Can I take a look at your spoon please?

Teacher: But we’re in the middle of a test!

Dad: Please, it won’t take a minute.

Teacher (to my brother): Do you know this man?

Me: He’s our dad.

Brother: He’s a lunatic.

(My dad and the teacher argue and he causes her coffee to get knocked over and ruins the exam papers. My dad is completely embarrassed and runs out. He now doesn’t take spoons from people while they’re eating.)