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NY, USA | Unfiltered | June 30, 2016

(At the time this happened, I was in middle school. I was in an Earth Science class that was very tight-knit, especially at this point since the school year was almost over. We were doing a lab and one of the kids who was notorious for talking too loudly was at it again. All of a sudden the room goes silent as this scene unfolds.)

Teacher: “[Student name], stop talking or I’ll spray you with this water hose!” *Jokingly grabs the water hose from the sink.*

Student: *Laughing.* “You don’t have the guts!”

Teacher: “I don’t?” *Presses the spray button, thinking it won’t do anything, and aims at the student.*

(Suddenly water comes flying out and gets all over the student’s pants.)

Teacher: “Oh no! That wasn’t supposed to actually be on!”

(Everyone started laughing, including the now soaked student.)

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